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3 ways to celebrate the wafeldays!


It’s a wafel truck, it’s a wafel buffet, it’s big happy wafel delivery!  Spread the “dinges cheer” this time of year. Our holiday packages offer just the right fit for groups from 8-180 guests!

de wafel show buffet (40-200 guests | $14 – $27)

  • baking on site by seasoned wafeleurs & wafelettes, with your choice of toppings  
  • irresistible aromas & wintry atmosphere
  • belgian hot cocoa + coffee optional

le grand truck (80- 400 guests | $14-$20)

  • the “original” classic W&D truck or wafel-cart experience
  • unlimited wafels with the full range of toppings
  • options for coffee & our legendary hot cocoa

de one big happy holiday delivery (8-75 guests | $5-$12)

  • AKA best party surprise ever
  • includes our classic trio of “dinges”
  • available for national shipping and NYC delivery

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