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Box of 8 Liège Wafels

Need a Sunday morning treat for the kids? Planning a birthday bash, baby shower or  a crazy, wild, [censored] party? These 8 freshly baked Liège wafels come with our 3 most popular "dinges":  le legendary spekuloos spread, dulce de leche and real Belgian chocolate fudge.  Ah, de royal life!

Seasonally available from October through March.

Box of 12 Mini Wafels

It's the favorite afternoon snack at the Royal Palace in Brussels. Get ready to win the popularity contest with these 12 mini-Liège wafels, waiting to be dunked in dinges: Spekuloos spread, dulce de leche and real Belgian chocolate fudge. Just the way the Queen likes it. 

Seasonally available from October through March.

Gift Cards

You can pick your friends, you can pick your dinges, but you can't pick your friend's dinges!  Give the gift of dinges and make friends, keep friends, or treat yourself. Redeemable at every Wafels & Dinges location (brick & mortar - not mobile) in NYC! 

Spekuloos Spread

Our signature topping, the one and only Wafels & Dinges Spekuloos Spread. Made with Belgian gingerbread cookies ("spekuloos").  Some people just call it a miracle, made with unicorn tears and joyous laughter.

Spekuloos Biscuits

Per Royal Ordinance XLVIII, "every coffee in the Belgian territories shall be served with de accompanying Spekuloos Biscuit." These are the quintessential coffee biscuits you'll find in every Belgian cafe.

20 biscuits / bag

W&D Maple Syrup

There's maple syrup, and then there's Maple Syrup by our friends over in South Newfane, VT. This small scale farm makes maple syrup the old fashioned way. That means gathering the sap in metal buckets rather than with plastic tubing, boiling the sap with wood from his land rather than of oil, and all that in his sugar-house on the farm.

Wafeleur t-shirt

These are the same t-shirts worn by our professional wafeleurs in NYC.  Made with ultra-light & comfortable cotton. Color is Charcoal-black. Will endow one with wafel-baking super-powers, indeed. 

Wafelette t-shirt

These are the same shirts worn by our professional wafelettes in NYC. It takes a soul with courage and integrity to wear one of these.  Made with ultra-light & comfortable cotton. Color is Charcoal-black. The ultimate outfit for the true wafel warrior. 

W&D Cycling Hat

This is the legendary Wafels & Dinges race cap! You've seen our Wafeleurs and Wafelettes wear it in the trucks, in the carts and on their bicycles! It's also a well know fact that these caps give you superhero wafel-powers.

W&D Dark Chocolate

Welcome to the world of Belgian Chocolate! We're not talking He@$#@y syrup here... We're talking 'dark-semisweet' 53.8% cacao, pure deliciousness. This is the base for your perfect Belgian hot cocoa, your chocolate chip cookies, or if you're a wafeleur, for uncompromising Belgian Chocolate Fudge!

Pearl Sugar P4

Pearl sugar imported from the Beet Sugar factory in Belgium. These are P4 pearls, meaning they are the larger size. It is the essential ingredient to Liege wafels. With a higher melting point, the sugar to caramelizes (and doesn't burn) on a hot wafel-iron. 

For wholesale inquiries, write us at dinges@dedinges.com